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40-years-old male
from Canada / British Columbia / Nanaimo
seeking 25–39 years-old female
Chat Happy - Skype me at : darren.dheilly1
About me
I am a Red Blooded Canadian Male, I am a Capricorn, if you do believe in that
stuff, for more : , see that I'm young at heart with a very
comfortable love of life and a lot of laughter. I am very Honest,loyal,caring
and very passionate. I also have other big passions with work, relationships
and almost everything in life. I do hold myself to the highest of values, I'm
strong, playful and confident and have no fears but, I am careful and I carry
myself with pride in my accomplishments and all of the ways I am and the way
I live. I am tall and lean (6 feet 3 inches, on a 165 pound frame). I'm sure
of myself and in all, a Nice Guy. I am a calm and cool Man, with no ill will
or temperament. I'm spontaneous and fun loving. I am so very gentle, kind and
very loving. I do not live up to what others say or do, for I am, my own Man.
I am a good Guy, a true Gentleman, who believes life should be a lot of fun,
at least 95% of the time. Life is not always a bed roses as conflicts happen,
but a compromise is always reached - Just don't go to bed mad, resolve it, as
there is always a solution and making up is always a lot of fun.
marital status:
Slim / Slender
body type:
193 cm (6'3)
77 kg (170 lbs)
Bachelor's degree
No, don't smoke
has children:
High Tech
About ideal match
A nice, honest decent and Fun Lady. She likes cuddling and all the quiet
times and slow Dancing. She should be somewhat intelligent (Not a Nuclear
Scientist), but she's opinionated and takes no crap and plays No Games (I
do not). She wants a long committed relationship. Thinks of - or wants to
build a life of love and laughter and maybe share hers with me. Thinks of
a future and tomorrows. She'll be able to tell me all her dreams, wishes,
and desires, as she knows what she wants. She can be my Anchor, to keep
me on track to attain our common goals. So a normal warm woman to be my
love, my best friend, my equal. A long term love to share all of the joys
of life. A Man is only half a man without the above. But one nice decent
lady with kind heart and warm soul is worth more than Gold. She believes
in a real relationship, maybe first born from a friendship. But I'm very
flexible and very understanding, after all, walking all through one life
should always be a learning experience and to adventure with each other,
close together. Not to smother her, for that ruins creativity. I am not
desperate, for this is what I look for in a mate because that's the key
to a long happy life, and is known as, 'The Spice of Life'...
from 46 kg (101 lbs) to 68 kg (150 lbs)
from 170 cm (5'5) to 185 cm (6'0)
No, don't smoke
marital status: