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47-years-old male
from United States / Seattle
seeking 18–30 years-old female
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About me
I like dungeons and dragons and watching TV. I live with my parents but have my own entrance into the house. I'm heavy-set but lots of fun. I can juggle 3 tennis balls and suck an M&M through my nose so that it comes out my mouth. My friends are all online so I know alot about the internet.

Looking for a young skinny girl open to new ideas. I don't care about hair or skin color, but she should have a nice body and like to show it off.
marital status:
About ideal match
I like a skinny girl with a nice body. I don't care about hair color or skin color. If she is inhibited then I am not interested. I want her to be wild and fun and also health conscious so she doesn't get fat and sloppy.
from 46 kg (101 lbs) to 55 kg (121 lbs)
from 163 cm (5'3) to 183 cm (6'0)